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I was a case of childhood abuse, psychological disorders, bad habits, bad choices and a 6 year old relationship falling apart. I was quite certain by this point that I am a bad person and that's just who I am.

Sayli, however, was able to help me understand from my mistakes and convince me that I'm not beyond hope. Her extreme professionalism ensured that I never felt judged and encouraged me to be transparent, which I felt was really important for whole process to work. She was also able to rightly assess that it was probably too early for me to resort to medicines to subdue my depression. I understand now that it was the right thing to do, although at that time it seemed like an easy and quick fix. I also appreciate that she was always reachable and proactively available during some of the hardest phase that I went through during which I was almost suicidal.

Her methods were scientific and I found her thinking to be very rational. After almost one year of sessions, I feel I'm just as normal as anybody else and credit for this for the most part goes to Sayli. I hope she stays in practice so I can go back to her in difficult times in future and I would recommend her to anyone who's looking for therapy that works.

Depression was one of the worst diseases that ever got its claws into me. I sometimes thought I would never come out of it. Medicines did make me feel better but it was just a medium to uplift my mood and not solve the problems permanently.

Then came counseling. Counseling, was one of the best things that happened to me. Each issue of mine was removed from its roots. I admit opening up in the beginning was very difficult but once I got past that stage, I started gaining back my hope and my lost confidence.

I had lost myself, and through counseling not only did i find myself back I also grew as a person. I became more mature and started seeing life in a better perspective. During this process I also realised that unless I didn't give in my best, unless I didn't put efforts, the counselor could do nothing because she could guide me but not do the work for me. It helped me in every aspect of my life and is one of the major reasons I've learnt how to deal with my social anxiety and come out of depression.

It's been a year since, I stepped into the darkness. They asked me to get out immediately. But she was different. She requested me to make myself comfortable so that one day I learn to glow there. I'm pretty much indebted to my counselor for basically being a constant support throughout my tenth grade. She was extremely helpful and provided much advice on several issues.

I was suffering from anxiety as well as from the presence of suicidal thoughts but she has not only managed to divert me away from them but has also taught me to accept the anxiety as a part of me so I could learn to live with it. Her calming voice and patient nature has proven significant to me and has helped me a lot. She is determined to assist you in every way she can and succeeds in doing so too. I find myself capable of dealing with periods of anxiety now. She has taught me self-acceptance and how to calm myself when I'm anxious. Basically, she's so sweet and nice, you have to go twice.