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Counseling & Psychotherapy Services for Children

We believe that a being is conceived with a blank mind & as adults we have the power & resources to provide this mind with all the information that can help build a completely unique person. Children are amazing observers & learn very well.

However, there are times the child may not be provided with the appropriate environment to develop & reach his/her full potential.

Some of the common concerns one might observe in children are:

  • Difficulty expressing self
  • Sometimes, children lack the correct vocabulary to express what they are thinking or feeling or why they are acting in a specific way. Through play & activities, they are able to explore their difficulties & express effectively.

  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety is a normal & healthy part of growing up. Sometimes, a child may feel extreme amount of this emotion causing discomfort, & not knowing what to do. A child may show nervousness, fear, and shyness & may try to avoid certain situations. It is important to know the core of the child's anxiety to help him/her overcome it.

  • Behavioral Concerns - Social Isolation, Aggression
  • Children may keep themselves away from social situations; avoid interacting with peers, due to social isolation. This could be because of adjustment issues, low self esteem, bullying, trauma, etc. At times, children also feel extremely angry & tend to become aggressive due to sibling rivalry, impulsivity, low self esteem or trauma.

  • Low Self Esteem
  • Children with low self esteem may give up easily, have negative thinking process & feel disappointed with self.

  • Academic Difficulties
  • Children are not natural school students. Hence they require help in developing skills to study effectively. Some children also show difficulties in reading, writing, mathematics, or in spoken language. It helps to assess the intensity & areas the child is having issues in.