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At the end of all, what do we want?
Happiness. Satisfaction. Fulfillment. Peace of mind. So what exactly happens that blocks us from gaining it?
So the very first thing to do is BELIEVE.
BELIEVE that you are special & unique.
There is absolutely nobody like you in this world.
BELIEVE that you are important.
To yourself, to your parents, to your family, to your partner, to your children, to your friends, to your workplace, to your colleagues, & to the world.
BELIEVE that you are a good person.
BELIEVE that you have all the potential you need to accomplish whatever you would like.
BELIEVE that you create your own world.
The way you think & lead yourself on a path, you get to have the world you would want.
BELIEVE that you have a choice of thought.
BELIEVE that you can achieve anything you want. You are filled with the kind of talent, idea, experience & skill that makes you different.
You do that, Step 1 is cleared!